Creating a Design Plan to Make You Fall in Love with Your Home

A New Way to Design

Our design approach is to use our 8-Steps in each room, so that you FEEL HOME in your own home.  We use what you already have and love to create environments that seem fresh, new, updated and comfortable for you and your family.

Want to love your home again?  Let's create your design plan!

Every Great Design Starts with a Design Plan

There are so many benefits to planning your room design plan first!  As your designer, we provide that valuable visual ahead of time so that the pieces go perfectly with your style and space.

Visualize Your Space First

We provide a detailed and compelling “visual” so you can see products within the space and know what you're getting ahead of time to avoid ugly surprises.

Save Tons of Time

Sourcing the right product online is overwhelming!  I’m an expert at shopping and knowing where to find those perfect items PLUS have access to more than you as a designer.

Save Tons of Money

Design mistakes are costly!  Having a design visual helps you to avoid those mistakes by seeing it ahead of time.

Creates Cohesion & Harmony

Having a visual cohesive “plan” for your space helps to avoid spending on expensive items that don’t go with one another.  Seeing them side by side is key to cohesion and harmony!

Luxury Furnishings

Choosing me as your designer opens up your access to luxury, trade furnishings you won't find online.  Having a broader access to quality pieces makes your space unique!

Perfect Scale and Proportion

Your design plan allows you to see if that chair you love is out of scale with the table and lamp you mistakes when the plan is in place!

Layout & Planning Services

Do you dream of better flow of your room, a more functional space? We love a designed space that makes sense from the ground up or reinventing a room to just feel right. We want to help you design your rooms the way they should be. 

Room Design

Want to give a space in your home a brand new look? We’ll work together to create a custom design for a room in your home from the ground up. I’ll design it, then you’ll purchase everything and install it on your timeline! Full Room E-Design is my most comprehensive service; by the end of the project, you’ll have everything you need to create a space you absolutely love.

Vacation Rental Design

I enjoy short term rental design! I focus on creating a space that has “wow” factor both in person and in listing photos. Priority will be given to catering to the target demographic and geographic location of the property, while maximizing the return on your investment. Turnaround time will be quick so that you can start recouping on your investment ASAP.

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We are a HSR Certified Professional home staging and interior redesign organization serving the Palos Verdes Peninsula, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Torrance and Palm Desert Area and surrounding area. We have completed the most comprehensive and intensive home staging and redesign certification courses in North America provided by the Home Staging Resource.

The HSR Certification program was the first and is one of the only Accredited staging training by the Real Estate Staging Assocation (RESA) who is the governing body for the home staging industry.

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